4 Key Tips on How to Reduce Cellulite Without Surgery

Cellulite is small pockets of fat under the skin and causing the rippling or dimpling appearance. Ninety percent of ten women will experience cellulite once in their lifetime affecting their thighs, inside of the upper arm and stomach. Despite the appearance being not harmful, many people suffer from low esteem or self conscious due to the fat appearance on the skin. The degree of severity is different from one individual to the next due to the different number of pockets that naturally occur.

The best treatment ever should be the one that is affordable to everyone; in terms of cost, availability and management. With methods as surgery being the most effective and results being visible in the shortest time they are out of reach to all the people due to the costs implications. In my view the best ever skin fat treatment should be the combination of diet, exercises and creams application. These three are easily combined and will deliver results at almost the same rate as the expensive surgery procedures.

Anti-Cellulite Creams come with ingredients that target promotion of dissolving fat that is under the skin, firm the skin externally and deter fluid retention. The advantages of creams are that they are cheaper and less painful compared to surgery and bring along minimal side affects.

Ingredients that these creams can contain include;

Other key ingredients found in many creams are Adipolsim and Adipoless; both which assist in promoting lipolysis that reduce the number of fat cells on the mesoderm layer. They also have the moisturizing compounds as Squalane and Chenipodium Quinoa Seed extract which smoothen and revitalize the skin. To succeed in creams' treatment you will have to use it for up to three months with the application being twice or thrice a day.

In the course of using any cream treatments; at home or elsewhere it should be combined with a good weight loss program hence the focus on eating well and exercising.

The diet plans should consist of well balanced diets that include less fat intake and a lot of fruits, vegetables and the intake of large amounts of fluid especially water. Foods with natural fatty acids are also welcome to assist in the breakdown of the stored fats. All the foods included should have low calories content or negative calories foods; these are foods that have lower or equal amounts of calories with the amount needed to process them in the body hence you eat and feel full but gain no or very little calories. If there is an excess it is easily used up in your daily activities as walking or working leaving non for storage.

You need not to do rigorous exercises to achieve fatty skin removal; most of the activities as walking, running, working and climbing stairs both at home or outside will burn considerable fats as the essential muscles are worked. But for those who are more self conscious and need faster results; rigorous exercises can be done both at home and at the gym.

The battle with cellulite is one which many ladies face on a daily basis once they get past the physical peak of their twenties. Unfortunately many just give up accepting it as part of getting older, whilst others valiantly struggle on with hours of cardio without realising it’s actually not so difficult.
Many beauty magazines report no useful information and as usual take the easy route out by suggesting some form of treatment or surgery is required. My personal training clients who have got rid of it, or at least dramatically reduced it, would disagree.
There are some very simple solutions and tweaks which you can add to your exercise and nutrition routine for fast improvements in leg and bum tone and reductions in cellulite.
Your first job is to introduce lots of glute activation exercises, squats, lunges and step ups into your exercise routine. However, these must not just be a few bodyweight exercises. Adding weights to all of these exercises (except the glute activation ones) so that you are only able to perform 6-12 repetitions with good technique, will ensure that you build and tone the muscles in your legs and bum.
Doing heavy squats and kettlebell swings with one of my personal training clients resulted in her reporting that she no longer had cellulite on her legs. This took us about 12 weeks when used in combination with the nutrition advice to follow. Don’t worry that it will lead to you buliding big manly legs. On the contrary, your legs will look much more defined and tight in all areas.
The use of weight training, especially squats, will also help raise your testosterone levels very slightly. Again at first you may reject the idea completely. However, as cellulite is caused partly by high estrogen levels, this can be counteracted by raising testosterone levels through weight training.
Let me reinforce that you will not bulk up or develop manly features! Most men struggle to put on muscle when they actively try and they generally eat a lot more, lift much heavier weights and have 30-40 times as much testosterone as you!
Performing weight training will also elevate your metabolism meaning that you burn more calories during workouts and when you are at rest at all other times of the day. This will help reduce fat stores and the lower these are the less chance you have of showing the ‘cottage cheese’ effect on your legs!
You must also do what you can to minimise water retention as this can push the fat cells towards the service, eventually leading to the bubbles you see on your skin. As water molecules bond to carbohydrate molecules the more carbs you have in your body the greater your water retention levels are likely to be.
In conjunction with your weight training, you need to choose exercise methods which increase the level of carbohydrates burnt during exercise.
Choose high intensity intervals which feed off the carbohydrates in your muscles over long, steady state cardio. Perform 1 minute at 80% of your maximum effort followed by 2 minutes at about 40% to recover and epeat this 6-8 times.
Finally you must pay attention to nutrition. Clearly eating lots of carbohydrates will lead to greater water retention. In order to give yourself enough energy to perform your workouts properly but not store water retention, aim to eat complex carbohydrates such as wholegrain rice only in the meal after your exercise session. This wll help you re-fill your muscle for tomorrow without storing any excess.
At all other times, your meals should consist of vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats.
Please be aware that you should not cut out complex carbohydrates completely, just stick to eating them after exercise to help your muscles recover.
By combining intense interval based training, weight training and a clean diet, most cellulite problems will disappear. This method only fails when ladies are unwilling to give up the chocolates, cakes and alcohol but continue to complain about their cellulite!