Cellulite What Works And What Doesnt

The Real Facts About Cellulite

The term cellulite used in front of a woman often results in a response along the lines of disgust and dismay, as the appearance can be unsightly; most areas of the body can experience its effects but sufferers mainly have it below the abdomen. This is not a situation purely confined to those who carry excess weight; women who are naturally slim can also suffer with this unsightly problem.

The fats just below the skin surface push against the tissue which results in the skin surface having that dimpled look common of cellulite. The real cause of is unknown so is the reasons why some women are more prone to suffering with it than others but scientists believe that it could be due to the way the cells are structured beneath the skin of each individual.

Two components of the skin that decrease with age are elastin and collagen, both of which may be responsible for the increase of these fatty cells as women grow older. The condition is almost exclusive to women and has been attributed to hormonal changes that take place as a woman gets older as the fat in the thighs and buttocks of men is the same as fat found in other parts of their bodies.

Cellulite often goes unnoticed for the majority of the time for most people and is only seen when a person has their thigh muscles compressed in the case of squatting for example or when the skin is pinched in the thigh area and the puckered skin becomes apparent; when the fatty tissue can be felt but most women suffer with this. After a great deal of research, certain conditions do help with the formation and retention of the fat cells; the age of the person, their gender, how thick their skin is and the amount of extra fat they carry, all play a part.

Currently there isn’t one single treatment that can rid a person of this condition because the cause has remained elusive despite considerable research into the area. Where cellulite removal massage is offered at a clinic, all that is done is deep tissue massage which just masks the affect so it cannot be seen as readily.

Another technique used to remove the fat cells, but not that successfully, is liposuction which is used to remove excess fat in the body but a method called mesotherapy which injects chemicals into the fat cells is still too expensive for most people who desire it. Liposuction is rarely that effective with surface based fat like cellulite and is more proficient at removing deeper fats from the body which are not trapped in the cells but none of these treatments offer anything but short term relief only.

There isn’t one single therapy or treatment that can rid someone of these fat deposits and even special burning creams provide dubious results; however the most recent creams available seem to just hide the effects or offer a temporary fix. It can only really be reduced as part of an overall weight reduction program through adopting a healthy eating and living plan, together with increasing exercise, so that body fat is reduced rather than connective tissues.

Many toxins that accumulate in the body can be flushed out with regular amounts of water which some believe is still an effective way to keep the body free of harmful substances including the toxins which help with the formation of cellulite.