How to Reduce Cellulite on Thighs

Most women have cellulite - those tiny cellulite lines on the thighs and buttocks. Cellulite appear because of bad diets which gives you a bad circulation of the blood and that causes toxins to store up in the fat tissue instead of being flushed out.

The body has three layer of skin. You get cellulite when fat tissue in the inner layer starts to push the connective tissue in the middle layer and you get small dimples. Women have a much thinner skin than men and thus they have more cellulite.

Regardless of bodyshape, 80 - 90 % of all women have cellulite. Women have almost twice as much bodyfat that men have. If you ask a man about cellulite he will probably ask you -What is that?. Women are concerned about cellulite and try to hide them, but there are ways to prevent them from appearing. The best method is a healthy diet and regular exercise combined with an FDA-approved skincare-cream.

-Genetics -Unhealthy diet -To little exercise -Hormonal syndrome -Bad blood-circulation

1. Only visible when you pinch yourself.

2. Visible when standing.

3. Visible when lying down.

Massage - Stimulate the bloodflow by massaging the areas with cellulites with a brush.

Healthy Diet - drink lots of water, eat more fibers and eat fish more often than meat.

Exercise - This will give you a better elasticity of the skin and better muscletone.

Cellulite-cremes - improving elasticity of the skin, remoisturize the the skin and stimulates the bloodflow.

New habits - Stop smoking and drink less coffee.

If you are interested in some exercises that are targeted for eradicating and preventing the appearance of cellulite, please have a look at my lens at squidoo. It is full of tips and tricks on how to get rid of those dimples called cellulite.

Most women curse their cellulite on their thighs. This unsightly orange peel skin prohibits them from wearing short, revealing dresses, shorts or bikinis. If you suffer from this beauty condition, it can depreciate your self-esteem because you tend to feel ridiculed when other people found out that you have them.
These lumpy patches associated with cellulite are actually fat deposits in the connective tissue that push upwards under the skin. It said to be formed when the body lacks proper blood flow. The toxin, fat, and excess water built up in the body results to cellulite.
Aside from doing a variety of exercise routines and a healthy diet, cellulite on thighs can be reduced in numerous ways:
o Lymphatic deep massage- Deep massaging your problem areas can improve circulation thus greatly reducing the toxin and fat build up. Also frequent massages help dislodge the trapped fat cells and can be flushed away normally, resulting to a reduced appearance.
o Creams – Gels, lotion or creams are applied directly into the affected area and can reduce its appearance in just a month of continuous usage.
o Mesotherapy- With this treatment, your cellulite will be injected with micro injections of a mixture herbs extract, vitamins and medicine. This can melt down the fatty deposits and results are seen instantly. However, multiple sessions are still needed to see full reduction.
o Liposuction- Liposuction reduces cellulites on thighs by making small incisions and inserted a cannula. The fat will then be sucked out of the body using a powerful suction machine.
The above mentioned treatments especially cosmetic surgery can cost you up to thousands of dollars. Though effective some of these can be quite invasive. There are also multiple home remedies you can do to reduce cellulite on thighs at a lower cost.
1. Hydrotherapy massages – pour anti-cellulite oils on a tub of water and submerge yourself. Slowly massage your cellulite in a circular motion using your brush or fingers. After rinsing, apply cellulite cream for faster results.
2. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)- Drinking 2 tablespoons of ACV can reduce cellulites by increasing the body’s circulation.
3. Caffeine body massage – slather coffee powder mixed with anti-cellulite cream all over your cellulite and massaging it in for a few minutes. Caffeine applied directly in to the skin can widen blood vessels and increase circulation.
There are actually a lot of things you can do to reduce your cellulite on thighs, but I highly recommend using the anti-cellulite creams.
These creams are pain-free, inexpensive and can be incorporated in various home remedies. Anti-cellulite creams are natural cellulite remedies but just improved by science so it is perfectly safe for everyday use.
With the countless cellulite creams available today, it is important to choose the right one. Be sure to check the label for the potency of the product’s ingredients. Here’s a tip: an effective cellulite cream should contain caffeine, L-carnitene, algae extract shea butter, retinol A, green tea extract, capsicum, and horsetail extract. All of these ingredients are long known for their skin enhancing properties as well as for improving circulation.