How To Reduce Cellulite On Thighs

Cellulite Home Remedies

I hate cellulite! I suffered myself for 10 years. It’s an embarrassment and the kind of attention you get is not the kind you want. If you’re rich, you’re in luck! There are many expensive treatments that will get rid of your cellulite almost immediately! Liposuction, Velasmooth, and the likes are available if you have the money. But if you don’t have the money, you can find a home remedy for cellulite that is just as effective, and even longer lasting!


Throughout the years, eating trans fatty foods, drinking too much alcohol or soda pop, and even high mercury levels in you amalgam dental fillings can create problems for your body. Toxins will slow your metabolism, among other things, which is a real problem in achieving weight loss. Detoxification will help your body be more efficient and raise your metabolism. Simply put, detoxification is a method that rids your body of the stuff that sits in it that aren’t good for you.

There are clinics specifically devised for detoxification to aid in weight and cellulite loss, but you don’t need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to have a great detox program.

There are many over the counter products in the form of pills or powdered drinks that you can purchase. A great detox plan will include A LOT of water! Up to a gallon of water a day. If you have a problem drinking that much, squeeze a lemon into it. Not only will it taste better, but there are detoxification properties that are beneficial in lemons. During this time, do not drink pop – especially diet. Aspartame (found in diet products) is a toxin that you are trying to rid yourself of. Also, eat lots of fruits and vegetables. When my kids were young, the only foods they didn’t have to ask if they could help themselves to were veggies. They loved that! To this day they eat lots of vegetables and they are very healthy. The fiber in fruits and vegetables are important aids to your detox.


Let’s face it… most people don’t live for working out. But a sedentary lifestyle may have been part of the cause of your weight and cellulite gain, so it makes sense that to get rid of it, you need to become active again.

You don’t need to spend hours in the gym every day to achieve your goals. As a matter of fact, there are tons of things you can do at home. If you can even commit to 3 days a week, a half hour at a time, you will reach your goals a lot faster than if you sat on your sofa watching your favorite soap opera! (Why not exercise while watching your t.v.?!)

You will need to perform strength training (you won’t get bulky – relax! Women don’t have high levels of testosterone required to get huge muscles), cardio or heart exercises, and stretching exercises. You can even combine a lot of these things – doing squats while combining shoulder raises will raise your heart rate incredibly.

I know it sounds hard, but it really isn’t. I suffered for a long time, but I finally found a way to lose my cellulite in 12 days! If you want the ultimate cellulite home remedies, check out my Goodbye Cellulite System. There are very effective

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To your Health and Success!

Karen Cole