Lipotherapy For Cellulite Removal – Does Lipotherapy Work?

Body Cellulite is the most common thing when it comes to women. It is not so common in men because the body structure of men differ from that of women. Majority of the women all over the world have this issue. In fact it has been said that over 85% of women in the world have this cellulite problem. Though it is something that they would prefer not to have it is still present.

Body Cellulite is also known as cellulite fat! What is cellulite fat? Now, cellulite fat is nothing but fat deposits which are present under the skin. Over time it collects and settles in areas such as the buttocks, arms, thighs and stomach. It indeed is not very pleasant to have and it makes the skin look like an orange peel. It is said to be present in women of all shapes and sizes. It doesn't matter if you are fat or skinny you may still have problem with Body Cellulite.

It is an issue that can be taken care of easily if you take proper precautions. Body Cellulite is nothing but fat and fat can be burned in so many ways. The first and the easiest and common method of burring calories is to exercise. There are so many methods and types of exercises that focus on different parts of the body. You can choose to work out those areas with ease. Swimming, jogging, walking are some of the exercises that focus on working out your whole body.

Other than exercising you can also use the many creams and lotions that are available in the market. Some of these prove to be very useful while some of them just do not have any effect on

. You need to do a lot of research on the internet on the topic or keywords like cellulite creams and lotions. Make sure you know about a product before you decide to buy and use it. You may never know what side effects they have.

Cellulite removal is one of the fastest growing industries in the medical world today. With 90% of women as prospective clients, it is not surprising that many are trying to ride the wave, and trying to make some profit from the despised condition called cellulite. Lipotherapy or lipodissolve is one of the products trying to ride this wave. It has been marketed as an effective way of removing cellulite, but for a consumer, does it work and is it safe?
We work hard for our money, and we seek treatments to improve ourselves, especially those that involve looking good. We expect to see immediate results, and we also want to be assured that the procedure or treatment that is going to be done is safe, and has minimal risk, and is worth our every dollar.
Lipotherapy is one of the treatments being made available to remove cellulite. It allegedly works by injecting either of two substances, namely phosphatidylcholine (PPC) or Sodium Deoxycholate, for multiple sessions to dissolve the fat causing the cellulite.
The problem is that Lipotherapy is not yet approved by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) of the United States.  First and foremost, when looking for a treatment, it should be approved by the FDA.    Secondly, even experts stress that lipotherapy should ideally be only used for small areas of skin, and is necessary only if there is excessive fat or skin or both. 
There has been a lack of information, and scientific trials to prove that lipotherapy is in fact safe.  The processes involved in lipotherapy have yet to be thoroughly studied by scientists and medical practitioners.  However, the current trend points to its drawbacks and the complications that come with it.  So much so, that the procedure has been banned in Brazil.
But why is lipotherapy being questioned as unsafe and untested, when mesotherapy which involves a similar process has been approved by the FDA for years. How can they be differentiated from each other?
Lipotherapy can be differentiated from mesotherapy in that, mesotherapy has multiple applications in the medical world. This is because mesotherapy can be used not only for cellulite treatments, but also for muscoskeletal problems, neurological problems, and other cosmetic problems, not necessarily connected with cellulite removal. Lipotherapy on the other hand is confined to the mass killing of fat cells, and nothing else. What it does is kill the fat cells under the skin without any mode of selection as to which cells are good or bad. There is no differentiation of targeted cells at all. This is different from trying to decrease the fat cells size which has proven to be safer.
In the end lipotherapy is not recommended for cellulite removal. With the host of choices out there, there is no need to insist on lipotherapy if in the end it will endanger your health, especially as it is not FDA approved. Experts suggest that one should always find a physician who is certified, and not just any other physician who offer their services. After all, it is your safety and well being that is important, more than anything else.